Sunken Gardens Photography Class St Petersburg FL

Not yet retired and still going commercial photographer of 40 years. Now teaching digital photography skills and techniques. Learn photography hands on in a 3 hours composition in the field class in and around the Tampa Bay area and 24 other cities around the US. Learn camera setting, composition, lighting, rules of thirds, f/stops, shutter speeds, color balance, ISO settings, when to utilize these and more... 

This class was taught at Sunken Gardens in St Petersburg FL. The gardens are a great place to photograph all year round. New blooms are always coming in. The shade makes for cooler walks through their jungle experience. With this garden having been here for over 150 years, there are some really old and large trees as well as giant tropical plants. 

Company Information:

Contact Name: Sam Johnston


Organization: Digital Photography Classes

Address: 4012 W Estrella Street, Tampa FL 33629

Phone: (813) 419-2144



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